Nazis were Socialists, fish do have fingers, and herds of buffalo have been caught on radar flying over international waters – all because people say so, we were informed today.

“It’s quite a remarkable event”, says physicist Dr Wai Wong, chief researcher at the Mandala Institute, “fish have even started to grow fingers just because people thought they had them.”

“Even the history books are changing. Hitler is no longer committing genocide against a people and trying to take over the world. He now spent his career holding up protest signs and finding safe spaces for Jewish people. Even Goebbels opened up a mental health café in Leipzig.

Brexit campaigner, Dave Daveson, acknowledge the surprising change this morning. “This is why we’ve been saying that Remainers need to get behind Brexit to make it success. If you believe it enough, it will happen, despite all the evidence to the contrary.”

Unfortunately, at this point Dave left the interview, as a unicorn wearing a saddlebag full of money popped into existence under him, and he rode off into the sunset.

Dr Wong continued as he read through his notes; “looks like the EU suddenly became a dictatorship. Oh, and Anna Soubry and John Bercow have joined the Nazi Party, and are off to India to find themselves.”