Saint Nigel has proven to be untouchable by satire, according to posts made yesterday. Well that, or his followers are snowflakes.

Yesterday, we published an article meant to be a tongue in cheek reference to XTC’s Making Plans for Nigel with it’s reference of British Steel.

Unfortunately, the joke seemed to fly over a lot of heads, instead reading it as a personal attack on Saint Nigel instead of a comment on Nigel’s future in the British Steel (ee-oh… ee-oh).

As such an act is blasphemous, according to Followers of the First Nigel, we therefore admit this blasphemy, and agree to be whipped naked through the streets of Aberdeen.

It has been suggested by a Follower that we also change our name to the “The Bricks##t Times”, which we won’t be doing, except maybe as an April Fool’s.

We hereby swear our fealty to Saint Nigel of the Followers of the First Nigel, and won’t make any jokes about him ever again*.

*at least not for the next twenty minutes anyway.