With Nigel Farage looking like the favourite to be re-elected to the un-elected position of MEP, the UK is to send a weird message to the EU.

While Nigel Farage’s promises to sit back and do nothing in Europe doesn’t usually work well in interviews, apparently the British public have no experience conducting them, as it seems to be a winning combination so far.

“The salary is £87.5k a year with expenses of roughly £25k a month. What do you plan to bring to this organisation?”
“Absolutely nothing. I’ll sit back and let everyone else do the work.”
“Welcome aboard!”

Nigel Farage’s Interview Extract

An English spokesman told us today that “we don’t like those Euros coming over here, actually doing jobs. So we’re going to send a message. We’ll elect an English person, Nigel Farage, to go over there and not do a job, and we’ll give him loads of money to not do it. We’ll show them Euro idiots who the smarter ones are.”

“Now, I’m off to Aldi to get some croissants for breakfast.”