Couch potatoes who drink beer and watch football all day are at a higher risk of becoming single, according to Harvard researchers.

Research performed by a team at Harvard University has revealed that men who sit on their arses watching football all day are at an increased risk of being made single.

Dr Hao-Nao Broun-Cao, heading up the research team told reporters “this may seem obvious to some, but after a recent research paper published that essentially said that unfit people have a higher risk of heart disease, we thought now’s the time to publish ours. You know, get all the ‘no s##t sherlock’ ones out in one batch.”

We spoke to Janice, 44 who divorced Terry, 48, recently – who told us “yeah, that research is pretty spot on. F##ker wouldn’t help me with anything, just sat there watching football highlights all day. Divorced the prick.”

Dr Broun-Cao’s warning to men is simple; “there’s more to life than football and beer. Go out and enjoy it. Or that buff young Polish electrician who fixed the kitchen plug socket the other day may take more than your job.”