Theresa May spoke to the nation yesterday, in which she blamed everyone else for her being a stubborn dictatorial witch.

Temporarily morphing into Homer Simpson yesterday, Theresa May blamed everyone but herself for Brexit being such a failure so far, that we risk crashing out by default and being the only country other than Mauritania to not be part of a trading bloc.

In the part of her tirade where she started blaming homeless children for standing in the way of the Great Event, she was carted off by four men in white coats, but reporters were assured that everything was fine(tm).

“Mrs May is just having a break” said Downing Street spokesman Dan Rather, “she’ll be back and blaming the disabled for her faults in just a minute.”

Mrs May wasn’t seen again that evening, but we have reports that she thinks Chuka Umunna is a party leader. If confirmed, this would indicate she has actually gone completely bonkers, and therefore I declare myself a party leader and await my invite to Downing Street.