A crap car has disappeared on the M62 this morning after breaking the speed limit, leaving only a pair of flaming tracks in it’s wake.

Eyewitness James Mason who was driving his Toyota Corolla at 70mph on the M62 at the time, spoke to our reporters. “I was driving along, heading to my sisters, and suddenly this old 80’s looking car with about four people in it just overtook me without indicating once. Must have been going at least 88mph.”

“Just as I was about to flip them off, the car vanished and all I could see were a couple of lines of fire. The guy driving the Nissan behind me almost fainted.”

Highways England spokesman David Gray had this to say: “we hear of this happening more and more. The national speed limit is 70mph for a reason, and that is to prevent issues where cars can randomly disappear between 85-95mph.”

“We’ve had reports of elderly citizens approaching Highways England claiming to have been driving the cars when they disappeared, but these are considered to be hoaxes at this time, as the drivers were usually young people in their 20’s.”