As the UK’s porn regulations draw nearer, the government has expressed interest in your porn collection.

For some reason, the UK’s porn regulations are actually going ahead, and while it’s up for debate as to which sites will actually bother implementing it for a tiny island nation who no longer have any political power in the modern world, it’s still a concern for privacy. You will be able to enter credit card details online for age verification or purchase a pass from a local newsagents.

“Hi, can I have a copy of the Mirror, a Twix and a porn pass please? I feel like cracking one out later.”

In case you don’t feel like telling the government that you’re into naked midget jelly wrestling, you can easily get around this s##te with a VPN. We recommend either Private Internet Access or NordVPN. (neither are affiliate links). They both have clients that can be set up to connect to the VPN network on startup, and have killswitches to stop internet access if the VPN stops working.

With PIA, we recommend setting the location manually, otherwise it will default to best PING (which for UK users will be somewhere in the UK – defeating the point).

Granted this is a bit more serious than our usual calibre of articles, but the government slowly turning us into North Korea while the majority of the public just sit and let it happen, really boils our blood.

But let’s try and add some humour into this now. Just look at the above picture and imagine Theresa May having a nose through your porn collection and getting a little bit excited.

You’re welcome.