A motorist found a pothole so deep, he ended up in Narnia it was confirmed today.

James Mason, 44, a motorist from East Chaverton, has discovered a pothole so deep, that it leads to Narnia.

We caught up with James as he made his return. Looking bewildered, James told us “yeah, I was driving along, saw a pothole, but it looked really shallow because there was some leftover snow in it. Clipped it a bit unfortunately, and before I knew it, I was in some snowy landscape and a giant lion was talking to me.”

“I thought I’d f##king died or some s##t.”

“I asked for the way home, and he directed me to a toll booth. I didn’t have any Narnian currency, but they accepted Mastercard so I was okay. Next thing I knew, I was back in my car parked in a bus stop with an angry bus driver behind me.”

A spokesman for Chaverton Council stated that “the potholes will be repaired once funding from the government can be secured. This could take up to 50 years, but we will put a cone over it until then.”