The infamous website no longer allowed the “.eu” extension and is to be renamed “”, becoming an organisation promoting abstinence instead. spokesman, Baron von Banks told us “for too long we have been shafted by Europeans.. other than ourselves I mean… and for this reason it’s time to leave the E… I mean, leave sex behind.”

Mr Banks, who has the IQ of a gnat, made the switch as only European Union members are entitled to use the .eu top level domain extension. Something he probably should have thought of before registering the website.

The domain registrar is entitled to choose the next most hilarious extension, which happened to be “.xxx” – usually restricted to websites with pornography.

Mr Banks freely admits, no-one wants to see gammon copulate, telling us “watching a fat bald man sweating over his wife while swigging a can of Stella isn’t the most arousing thing I’ve seen. Which is why instead of turning it into a Brexit porn site, it’s going to be promoting abstinence.”

“Because seeing that, sure put me off sex for life.”