To prepare for the post-Brexit economy, we are running an EXCLUSIVE competition to win an actual potato. Click for more details on this amazing prize!

In the post-Brexit economy, it’s hard to know just where your next meal is coming from, so what better than to win a potato so you won’t go hungry? Potatoes are incredibly versatile, and you can either eat it now, or plant it, wait for it to sprout, and have plenty of potatoes later; the possibilities are endless!

To enter, simply fill in our Rafflecopter widget below. Likes and shares on Facebook are also much appreciated. Nudge nudge wink wink.

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Terms and Conditions:
1. The Brickish Times can choose whatever type of potato they wish, although we guarantee it won’t be a new potato from a tin, as it would get all mushed up during shipping.
2. Although this is satire, f##k it, we’re going to give one away anyway for the lols.
3. The Brickish Time’s decision of any winner is final.
4. You may also get a couple of stickers and whatever else we can fit in the box that we have lying around.
5. This competition is not recommended for Conservatives, the alt-right, or Brexiters.
6. The competition is only open to UK mainland residents only. Preferably just England and Wales, because if Brexit goes through, we’re really f##ked.