BBC set to quit pretending to be impartial by saying “feck it” and announces reanimated Adolf Hitler as replacement for Fiona Bruce on Question Time.

The once great broadcaster has decided to stop pretending it is impartial and giving lame excuses for bullying tactics, by announcing not only reanimating Hitler with license payer’s money, but having them replace Fiona Bruce on Question Time.

A spokesman for the beleaguered BBC told our reporters this morning: “people have seen through our thinly veiled threats to anyone outside the government – so we’ve given up trying. We’ve been researching reanimating bodies from the dead over the last few years, and aside from an incident in Raccoon City, we’ve been quite successful.”

“So we would like to announce that Fiona Bruce will be retiring from Question Time after a couple of weeks, and Adolf Hitler will be taking her place. We will also of course, invite Diane Abbott to appear on every show so we can laugh at her, despite an illustrious career spanning over 30 years.”

Hitler was unfortunately not available for comment, as he was defrosting on the kitchen counter.