The word “out” actually means “out” it was revealed today by the Gammon community.

The Gammon Research Institute completed their investigations into the word “out” today in a research project funded entirely by Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon)’s sense of self importance.

Dave, spokesman for the GRI told reporters this morning “we have officially concluded that the word ‘out’ means ‘out’. This has also cemented out belief that the word ‘Brexit’ means ‘Brexit'”.

Chaverton resident, Dave Norman, father of eight, greeted the news positively. “I’ve often been confused when my bird says she’s going out, but just sits there. I keep telling her ‘out means out’, but she doesn’t believe me.”

“My staffie gets confused as well. Sometimes he wants to go into the garden, but changes his mind and comes back in like a minute later. I can tell him ‘out means out’ too. This is f##king awesome news.”

We spoke to Dave Norman’s wife, Sharleen, who told us “I’m so glad someone’s sorted this out. I’m not sure why I would say I was going out when I wasn’t. Just thought it was an expression that I was actually going to sit there and watch Jezza.”