In a bold attempt to retake the “I’m offended” crown from snowflakes, gammonflakes have decided to be offended at Christian Bale now.

Christian Bale thanked Satan for his Golden Globe award yesterday, in an obvious tongue-in-cheek reference to pretty much everyone and their mother thanking God for it instead.

Unfortunately, this seemed to go over the heads of hordes of gammonflakes, who took offence at one imaginary deity being thanked over another.

“Well I never!” said Mrs Betty Hemmingway while watching the television, “I must go on the internet and complain. This just isn’t on!”

We spoke to Satan in an exclusive interview, as we here at The Brickish Times have a direct connection, who told us “f##k me, it was a joke. Honestly, you humans will get offended at the slightest thing.”

“Don’t you find it funny though, when it’s people getting offended at racism or homophobia, it’s being a snowflake; but when it’s literally hurting no-one, it’s actually okay to be offended? Makes you think.”