It’s Christmas Eve apparently. As a little present, let’s give you a look at who we are and why we’re pratting around on here.

As you’ve probably guessed, my name isn’t Cruz Patterson. Nor is it Shane Townsend. We’ve a couple of other site authors as well, it’s not those either.

So what the hell?

Yeah, we’re anonymous (not THE Anonymous, but check the whois for the domains if you’re interested!), but most definitely British (even though our host is located in Germany – mainly because we trust those guys more than this Orwellian s##tshow). At the moment, British politics is so depressing but so laughable due to the sheer ineptitude of everyone in charge, that the news is borderline satire as it is.

So what better time to launch The Brickish Times? The Brickish Times is nothing but satire and parody, as close to the nerve as we cut sometimes, nothing of what we talk about is real. Sure, we may reference current events in order to set context, but that’s as close as it gets. We have several years experience in the mainstream news, so it’s a hard habit to break sometimes! But still, satire and parody is the bottom line.

At least, it’s supposed to be satire and parody. We’ll wait and see if we turn out to be fortune tellers on some of this s##t. Lottery numbers will be available on request.

“I love my brick”

Why “Brickish”? Don’t know really. I was thinking of Father Jack and his favourite brick at the time, and Brickish sounds a bit like British if you say it fast. History was made.

As this isn’t our main job (obviously), and it does cost money to host the site (and god help us if we go viral with anything), so we would appreciate white-listing in any ad blockers you use. We use Google Ads, so they shouldn’t be too intrusive, and we refuse to use full page adverts. We find them obnoxious, so we’re not going to force them on you guys. If any sneak in, let us know on our Facebook page and we’ll beat Google to death with them as they’re turned off.

Finally, have a good Christmas everyone, let’s hope 2019 sees the end of hilarious politics, and the end of the need for sites like ours.