Donald Trump and Theresa May have agreed that they are ‘on a break’, according to White House sources today.

Relations have been rocky between the two for several months, but after Trump’s humiliating defeat in the mid-term elections, giving the Democrats the best results in decades, Theresa May decided to give him a quick ring and congratulate him on how well he did.

Whether this was supposed to be sarcastic or Theresa is just that stupid, is still up for debate, but Donnie took it bad. He proceeded to lay into the poor excuse for a Prime Minister, grilling her on Brexit, Iran, and how Europe hates him and won’t let him play with them.

One of his major complaints was how France won’t let him sell inferior American wines in the country known for excellent quality wine without huge tariffs.

The pair have announced that they are now on a break, and may never ever ever, get back together.